This commentary on the words of Jesus of Nazareth is long overdue. The following verses are rarely seen on anyone's church bulletin or bumper.  Many churches avoid or stifle the scriptures analyzed in this essay - all for the sake of political correctness.  There are more examples suited to this category than the sixteen given, but these illustrate the point.  Christians should never silence or downplay the Lord's words in an effort to not offend  because  naturally,  the Lord's words did offend.  Telling the truth is one of the surest ways to get yourself booted out of just about anywhere and ultimately it can get you killed.























 Several of these verses/passages are rather rough on the religious practices of Christ's time - namely the oral traditions practiced by the Pharisees, (now known as Talmudic Judaism). More importantly, the Lord's blunt words served as a warning in the future sense toward the practice of traditions and idolatry in the Christian churches beginning at the apostolic age and continuing well into our own era. Scripture does note that a few Pharisees, teachers and scribes consulted the Lord, recognizing and respecting who He was. Why do we read so little of these Jews? A number, like Paul became Christians as did many Jews apart from the religious echelon. Their decision for Christ resulted in loss of worldly status, reputations, family and even their lives only to gain the greatest prize of all: A new covenant's Messiah as long foretold by the prophets and through Him, God the Father.

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